Hiring Foreign Workers in Singapore

Multiway Employment Pte Ltd is the top recruitment agency in Singapore. Here, we have a portal for all Companies and Business owners to find your desirable candidate for your Job Vacancy in Singapore.

Below are our packages of hiring Malaysians, and hiring PRC Chinese, Vietnamese, and others.

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Hire Workers from Malaysia

Find the perfect Malaysian talent for any line of service that you would need! Hire only the best talents from Malaysia. We host a selection of job-seeking talents that you could browse through. Good people are hard to find nowadays and we’ll commit to having your future employee be the best that they can be.

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Hire Workers from Vietnam, China, Myanmar, India & Bangladesh

Quality foreign talents are a rarity nowdays with the expanding job market that exist worldwide. We’re ready to provide people who bring quality to their workmanship and etiquette. Find the perfect employee for your job scope in your journey for a quality production line or company service. Get devoted people who are passionate about their work to join you and your trade. People who work together, succeed together.